For Gen Z technology is a natural element, as is learning and interaction through devices and digital content. This is a fact.

Simultaneously, recent concerns about kids being bombed continuously with too much digital information have led consumers to think of toys as the building blocks of their family time, valuable tools for filling the time spent off-line while supporting learning and development.

In this new scenario toy companies have been looking for new ways to preserve and nurture elements such as creativity, imagination, values ​​and emotions through open-ended play. It all sounds exciting but what about Gen Z? This generation is uniquely adept at technology compared to the previous ones. In other words, how to offer timeless toys to kids whose dynamism continually reacts to such technological pressure?

A killer product strategy framework should always consider the relationships kids establish with technology. It's about finding the right balance between technological and human factors, allowing the adoption of new technologies without forgetting the centrality of the user experience. To create timeless products, the two elements must coexist and integrate.

In our view, for example, robots are not just things that do things. On the contrary, our range of robots keeps the human factors at the centre of the experience thanks to our unique recipe, the “Do-It-Yourself” approach. We teach children how to build a robot step by step, how it’s made. This makes our offer different and well appreciated by this new generation of young digital natives.
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