Child-rearing is a complex task that we approach on a daily basis with equal amounts of pride and concern. With years of experience in the field and the help of qualified experts, Clementoni is glad to be able to lend a helping hand with lots of useful tips and suggestions that will make your job easier. Discover which educational pathway is most suited to your child


Do you have a child aged between 0 and 2 years old? This pathway will help you to:

Embark on a parent-child journey with greater peace of mind and a keener awareness of what is involved

Benefit from expert advice to forge a stable and joyous relationship with your child

Follow his/her progress, drawing on a source of practical tips and amusing interesting facts

Gain a better understanding of the developmental areas essential for all children’s growth processes

Foster the uniqueness of your child, recognising his/her inclinations and discovering his/her true potential

Benefit from the knowledge of experts and obtain advice that will give you insight into modern children’s needs

Understand the basic notions and beliefs of a scientist who revolutionised the world’s approach to child-rearing

Find out how to put the Montessori method into practice in the modern world and with today’s children

Receive advice from qualified Montessori experts and foster children’s natural desire to discover their surrounds and become independent

Discover how to arouse children’s natural curiosity and their desire to acquire knowledge and experiment

Approach the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & mathematics) in a creative amusing way

Promote the development of transferable skills that will be useful to the adults of tomorrow thanks to games and interdisciplinary activities recommended by sector experts


0 - 2 YEARS

Isn’t everyone just over the moon when a bundle of joy comes into the world?! Yet, at the same time, we all harbour feelings of doubt and desperately seek out instructions to help us steer a smoother course. “Will I be a good parent?,” we think. “How can I help my child to grow up healthily?” “What toys or games are best suited to help him or her cope successfully with everyday challenges?”. Placing its experience at your service, Clementoni brings you advice and tips from a qualified team of experts through a series of articles and suggestions that deal with all these questions


1 - 10 YEARS

The name of the game here is getting them to be independent! How can we help children to do things by themselves? Maria Montessori’s was convinced that independence is a crucial part of growing up and, basing itself on her teaching methods, Clementoni brings you a panoply of contents that will reveal the modern core of the brilliant philosophy developed by this great Italian thinker. How? With a practical set of activities and games that can be easily fitted into everyday routine from the early years onwards.


3 - 6 YEARS

Every child is unique, as is the way that he/she learns, plays and explores the world. At kindergarten, this fact strikes us with extreme clarity. Therefore, how can we recognise and respect our children’s individuality and particular predispositions, bringing to the fore their hidden potential? Embark on this pathway! With its panel of experts, Clementoni will guide you through an array of contents and practical advice that will leave kids “free to play” and grow up!


6 - 10 YEARS

Once children reach primary-school age, they become more aware of their needs. Their preferences and tastes are well defined and they feel half grown up. The world that they inhabit changes at lightning speed and is substantially different to that of their parents. How can we help them to get their bearings in such a complex sophisticated environment? How can we help them form the foundations for their future lives without losing their smile? Clementoni has created a pathway of contents to guide parents through the challenges and interests of today’s children and it includes plenty of professional advice allowing parents to give their kids a head start and share in the exciting experience of growing up.

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