Missing or damaged part

One of more parts are missing and/or damaged

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You can open a support ticket for any request by clicking on the following link https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/

Request for a manual

I have lost the instructions. How can I get hold of them?

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Open a support ticket using this link https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/ and ask for the user's manual

Robots and compatibility

The device does not respond to my commands

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Make sure that the batteries are charged and that the procedure for setting the commands has been properly followed. If you continue to have problems, you can open a support ticket by clicking on the following link: https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/ and specifying the issue you have run into.

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for the robot that I have purchased?

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Check the indications on the back of the boxes where you will find the hardware/software requirements

The robot has been properly assembled, but it doesn't work. How can I solve the problem?

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We recommend replacing the batteries with a new set and checking to make sure that the Molex-connector pins have been properly inserted. If you continue to experience problems, you will have to open a support ticket via the following link: https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/ and specifying the issue you have run into.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

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Yes, it is possible to use rechargeable batteries, but follow the instructions to recharge them properly. Rechargeable batteries must be properly recharged by using a special charger.

The device cannot be paired via Bluetooth

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Check to make sure that the batteries in the Mind Designer are new. Bluetooth pairing must only be carried out via the Mind Designer app. In order to optimise the pairing process, please enable Geolocation services (Android) or Location Services (iOS).

Only one of the two wheels moves. How can I solve the problem?

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Should the wheels of the Cyber Talk Robot fail to move properly, please click on this link and carefully watch the video. If the problem continues, we suggest switching the device off, taking out the batteries and disconnecting the Molex pins from the motherboard. Allow the cables to stand disconnected for two minutes. Reconnect the cables, put the batteries back in and programme the Cyber Robot again to see whether it works properly. If you have any other requests, please send us an email to: https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/ 

How to ask for missing and/or damaged parts?

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Single components are not available for separate sale. If you have enquiries, you can open a support ticket via the following link https://www.clementoni.com/en/form/

Jigsaw puzzles

Are the characters in the Clementoni jigsaw-puzzle catalogue available in a different size?

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We are sorry but the themes and jigsaw pieces are only available in the sizes shown in the catalogue.

Can I send the postcard by fax or email?

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No, you must send the postcard through the mail system: the original barcode must be stuck onto the postcard and sent to the address of Clementoni's headquarters (printed on the postcard itself or on the box).

Can I request the missing pieces by the online ticket form?

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It is possible to activate a ticket by clicking on the following link:


Please select “Request Type – Puzzle Lost Pieces” and specify the Batch Number, example: ODLA200011223344

Do you not find the Batch Number?

The Batch Number is placed can be found inside the box, in the inner side of the bottom as shown in this image.

If you are having difficulty activating the support ticket, we recommend that you consult this video-guide.

Is there a charge for the "missing pieces" service?

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Once the postcard has been sent, no costs are to be borne by the customer.

Is the jigsaw puzzle support service active for all product codes?

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For jigsaw puzzles purchased over 5 years ago, please get in touch with the customer-support office for information about availability.

What can I do if I don't have the postcard for requesting missing pieces?

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You can download the postcard for the jigsaw-puzzle support department by clicking here.

How can I glue my jigsaw puzzle together?

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Use our CLEMENTONI JIGSAW GLUE and follow these simple steps:
1. Place the jigsaw on a surface with the upper side (printed side) facing upwards.
2. Start by putting a small amount of glue in the middle and then spread it out towards the corners.
3. Keep on adding more glue as you need it, making sure that you apply it evenly over the surface.

How many jigsaw puzzles can I glue together with a packet of CLEMENTONI PUZZLE GLUE?

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It is very difficult to know how much glue is needed to glue together a jigsaw puzzle. Everything depends on how many layers you want to apply and what you intend to do with the jigsaw.

One thing we can say is that if you apply a thin layer of glue (generally a sufficient amount to keep the pieces together), one bottle of our Clementoni Puzzle Glue should be enough for 4 x 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Can I glue together jigsaw puzzles with special finishes?

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The jigsaw puzzles in the list below can be glued on the printed upper surface without any risk of damaging the finish:
- Brilliant jigsaw puzzles
- Glitter jigsaw puzzles
- Fluorescent jigsaw puzzles
- Blackboard jigsaw puzzles
- 3D jigsaw puzzles

How do I know whether my request has been accepted?

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Please bear in mind that the estimated delivery time is between 6-8 weeks due to the high number of requests.

Should a jigsaw theme no longer figure in our catalogue or no longer be in stock, you will receive an email asking you to choose a jigsaw of the same type and size.

How can I specify which pieces are missing?

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There is no need to tell us which pieces are missing because Clementoni will send you a bag containing the whole jigsaw puzzle.

How much time does it take to process my request to the customer support service?

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On average, the time required to deal with your request varies between 6 to 8 weeks.

As there is an increasing number of requests and material availability fluctuates, you may have to wait longer for us to handle your request. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Rest assured that we are doing our utmost to provide customers with the support they need.

Will Clementoni replace a single missing piece from my jigsaw puzzle?

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Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we cannot replace single missing pieces. However, our production processes are constantly improving and we strive to ensure the highest quality standards every single day. The use of automated-control systems means that it is highly unlikely that pieces will be missing from our jigsaw puzzles.

If you think that a piece is missing from your jigsaw puzzle, please write to our Customer-Support service, fill in the postcard inside the jigsaw itself, or complete the online form. We will deal with your request as quickly as we can.

Is the missing-piece support service available for all jigsaw sizes?

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The Customer-Support office will send you a complete new jigsaw puzzle; this service is available for jigsaw sizes varying from 500 pieces right up to the masterpiece with 13,200 pieces.

Is the number of pieces shown on the box correct?

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No, for technical reasons, the number of pieces in the jigsaw puzzle may differ slightly from the number of pieces printed on the box.

Here is a list of the difference between the pieces indicated and the actual ones:

1000 >1008

1000 Panorama > 990 Panorama

1500 > 1504

2000 > 1998

3000 > 3008

6000 > 6016

13200 > 13224

Can I frame my jigsaw puzzle?

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Naturally, you will be able to find suitably-sized frames for the jigsaw puzzles with between 500 and 1,500 pieces in any major retail store, otherwise you can buy a made-to-measure frame.

PLEASE NOTE: for technical reasons, there may be a difference of a few millimetres between the dimensions printed on the box and those of the actual finished jigsaw. Therefore, we suggest finishing the jigsaw puzzle first and measuring it before choosing your frame.

How many bags is a 13,200-piece jigsaw puzzle packed into?

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The jigsaws with 13,200 pieces are packed into 6 bags.

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