Fun and gamification are experiencing an unprecedented moment of popularity. Videogames are now a fundamental part of global culture, while the ever-growing Esports market is pushing the barriers even further driven by new dedicated streaming platforms.

New influencers and younger users are now in the middle of something very big. All of this is absolutely natural and proves that for the younger generation the digital world is a native environment as much as the physical world is.

This new social framework is creating linguistic and aesthetic styles that give life to new standards of expression and communication. On the other side, companies more than ever are stuck between the need to adapt to new consumer’s preferences and the desire of remaining authentic and consistent with their values.

Our evolving vision of education, which has always been the founding value of our company, today takes a new connotation: education as experience. Learning not only intended as the process of acquisition of knowledge but as the overall maturation of the personality (affective, cognitive, social) and as a direct consequence of a fun and exciting experience.

Our idea of ​​“fun" combines education with a new vision: designing products to respond to new engagement needs and making learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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