Our core identity is modern and resilient, resting on solid values and underpinned by a strong sense of responsibility towards children. The future has always been our lodestar, and this coming Christmas we will be looking ahead through the eyes of our small but demanding customers. New needs came to the fore during lockdown, and these preferences have been taking root in the aftermath.

There are three particular trends which have inspired us during the creative process for this "new" Christmas:

1_ Italian manufacture: this year domestic production will carry even more weight because the state of emergency has affected our consumption patterns and everyday buying habits. Product quality has become increasingly important. Although this need is consumer-driven, it chimes perfectly with our business approach because we have always manufactured 90% of our toys and games on Italian soil, working with unwavering passion and meticulously taking care of every detail.

2_ Do It Yourself: kids have rediscovered the pleasure of doing things by themselves and engaging with messiness. Kits for creating (slime, creams, soaps...) are an essential part of the way we experience and perceive play. By allowing children to experiment with a game or toy that stimulates the development of manual skills, but also enables them to practise, try and explore, we achieve a magical balance between analogue play and digital play, technology and tradition, and also between innovation and heritage.

3_ Back to basics: we have discovered what is really important in life and now know what we can probably do without, so we are seeking out products which are functional and fuss-free, but top-quality as well. Millennial parents in particular look for brands which reflect their own values, echoing their ideals and desire to have a "positive impact" on society. So, in terms of product and communication style, we have pared everything back to a bare minimum... to win our customers' hearts!

What can we expect for Christmas 2020? There can be no doubt that compared to a "normal" year, we are breathing more life into family values and re-experiencing the pleasure of staying at home. Games have become a much more important part of our households than before, and this keeps families closer and happier.

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